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A browser extension to convert a URL like to (in this case master is the default branch).


Download the XPI file from the releases page. This is a signed XPI file, signed using the Mozilla Developer Hub.


Now configure your Gitea token in the settings page of the exension. Please test this piece of JS crap to see if it actually does anything (wrong). It does thankfully work for me in Firefox :satisfied:.


On the repository level, the following directories will not be able to be redirected into: issues, pulls, releases, wiki, activity, settings, archive, compare, commits, tags, branches, action, _upload, _new, commit, src, _edit, _raw, _delete

Building from source


  • GNU Make
  • zip

Or you could zip the directory yourself.


There is no build step.


Just run make package-firefox to get a Firefox XPI file to submit to the Mozilla Developer Hub.


  • Add make package-chromium